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The hyper difference


Hyperformance (HYPER) is a cutting edge sports performance training facility located in Norcross, GA. We set out to create an athletic performance facility with all the necessities for the modern-day athlete. We offer an innovative approach to athlete training – building on a solid athletic foundation while staying focused on each athlete’s individual goals. We set out to create the best multi-sport and training facility in the Atlanta Area.

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Athlete training

Our specialized training is for athletes of all ages; youth, JV, Varsity, College and Pro-Athletes and have been formulated to fit the age and ability of each athlete. We aim to improve an athlete’s power & speed, agility, jumping, full body strength, quickness, balance, mental training and coordination while increasing technical abilities in various sports with the least amount of resistance, thus reducing risk of injury and taking them to the NEXT LEVEL!

Recovery center

We also offer a full Recovery Center offering up sports massage, stretching, acupuncture, cupping, icing, cryo and more. Making us a one-stop performance facility for athletes. We help athletes of all sports to maximize their full performance potential in sport and life.

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