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The facility

Best In the Atlanta area

Our 25,000 state of the art training facility boasts some of the finest performance equipment and amenities specifically designed to maximally benefit each athlete and providing the best training available in the Atlanta area. We offer Specialized Equipment, 2 Turf Fields for agility drills, a 60-Yard Sprint Track, 6 Batting Cages, 2 Pitching Mounds, our Boutique Style Gym, HYPERActive, and our Athletic Recovery Center which provides a premium training experience for athletes of all age levels and skill levels. When classes are not in progress, all areas of the gym are open for use. We provide space rental for schools, clubs, sports teams & athletes. All requests will be considered in the order they are received.

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Turf Rentals & Batting Cages

We have 2 different turf space available for small sports teams, one on one coaching, and other various activities. Contact us to schedule a time to stop by to check out the space.

Reserve a batting cage today! We welcome parents, teams, coaches, and individuals. We have 6 total batting cages and two pitching mounds located in two sections of our facility.

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